Tape Services

G. A. Blanco and Sons offers complete Tape Solution Services.

Tape Recycling
Data Eradication
Destroy any and all sensitive data without destroying the tape.
On Site Data Eradication
Destroy any sensitive data without having your tapes leave the premises.
Servo Track Data Eradication
Remove your sensitive data without damaging the servo tracks.
Tape Certification
Clean and certify used tapes so that they perform like new.
Tape copy
Copy tape to tape.
Label and initialize
Save time when your tapes are ready to go out of the box. G. A. Blanco has a lot of experience with labels and is very good at making sure your order is processed to your specification.
Tape erasure, degaussing, and destruction
Tape destruction is through a “waste to energy” process that is environmentally friendly.
Tape deployment – stock and ship inventory
Don’t have room to store necessary inventory? G. A. Blanco will stock for you and ship quickly.
Buying used tapes
Profit, clean up your data center, and help the environment a sell your used tapes to G. A. Blanco and Sons.